A new toy

4 05 2008

Alright so I started this mainly as a tool for self motivation, I’m not sure why anyone would particularly want to read it.

But thats not the point.

Since you are.

The big deciding factor here was a sudden wave of inspiration from Mr. Tom Jenkinson:

Its not even that I particularly like the first set in this video, but I really like his attitude towards his music. This made me start thinking about work next year and the relaxation of study commitments, what I could be using that time for musically. I’d started playing with Ableton and had a few tracks that were in progress there, but I think going to play a gig and performing a set thats all pre recorded lacks a bit of imagination. Its very feasable to write in a number of filters controlled by MIDI parameters for a dynamic spectrum, but I can’t help but think its just a bit too easy. 

Anyway, I have some ideas, and the gist is that it would involve writing and recording a few tracks, which could be built up from scratch live. I have a couple of MIDI controllers – keyboard and drums – software instruments and samplers. So really I’d like to get a few more people involved, maybe some heavily processed jazz guitar (coughcoughNUNOcough), chopped up vocals, a ukelele or two, sousaphone, washboard… I could go on…

I have plans and enthusiasm (which happens every so often) but I very rarely follow it through. Hopefully this time will be different (again).

On another note, this is quite cool. Have a look, but don’t be offended by the ridiculously patronising labelling of EVERYTHING:

Yes, its Aphex Twin of course. Who else…?